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OAKPower skating is a training technique primarily focused on skating with power and speed. Proper power skating instruction will teach skaters to use energy more efficiently, generating much more explosive movements resulting in better balance, control, and strength. Many hockey coaches tell kids to push, go faster, lengthen your stride, etc. We cannot all assume that these players understand the mechanics or have the knowledge and education to perform these skills efficiently. 

Many skating instructors will focus on conditioning and endurance as part of a good skate. While these are important for any top flight athlete, power skating is targeted at explosive muscle movements and proper technique to create faster and stronger skaters.

OAKmoor  Specialists has developed a program that targets technique training that will create faster and stronger skaters. While power skating is mainly for hockey players figure skaters will also benefit from a figure skating based power skating program. Click the links to learn more about your specific sport:



Sunday Dates

June: 7,21

July: 5,19

August: 2,16

Sunday Times

u6-u12   10:30am-11:30am

u15-u18: 12-1pm

6 Sessions

Cost: $150

Drop in upon availability ONLY! $45


Please direct questions to:

Jason Jaworski

OAKmoor Hockey Dir

Phone: 4026515837

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